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Split the Village

Published on October 1, 2015

Updates on March/April Residency in Lesotho Soon!

A performance, installation & archive project exploring the global impact of local loss

A company of performers will gather in Lesotho, southern Africa in March to continue to explore the creation of Split the Village, a performance/installation project focused on the environmental destruction and cultural heritage loss of dam building. The company will include students from the National University of Lesotho’s Theatre Unit, facilitators from The Winter/Summer Institute (WSI) and members of the Theatre Association of Lesotho (THALE), in collaboration with the Morija Museum and Archives and villagers from the Morija community.

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surrogate traveller sedan chair

Surrogate Traveller

Published on October 1, 2015


Surrogate Traveller continues memory lab’s exploration of performing “experimental conversation,” which the collaborative began working with in 2010 when it developed Outpost through the Resident Artist Program at Mabou Mines and as part of IRT’s 3B Series.

Like Outpost, Surrogate Traveller uses a letter home from southern Africa as its starting point. The letter, about an ill-fated community water project, veers off the page – the narrative and the actors hijacked by a fractious national election, the inept American restructuring of an African university, and attempts by local villagers to catch a runaway coffin.

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Lesotho, Africa

Published on October 1, 2015

For the past ten years, much of my artistic work/life has been connected to Lesotho, Africa. Since January 2005, when I arrived on my first Fulbright to teach, research and direct shows at the National University in Roma, I’ve been navigating the tricky cultural terrain of the small, mountainous country and making collaborative projects there involving students, colleagues, professional performers, NGO staff and members of rural village communities. My time in Lesotho continues to transform the way I look at and understand the world. My creative work is an attempt to take those disparate observations, stories, lessons, absurdities and incongruities and feed them into performance, writing and community projects.

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